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Advanced Automotive Repair
‎4470 U.S. 17, DeLand, FL 32720   
(386) 985-2044

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We also accept appointments to fix it on a specific day in a slot saved just for you. But you must call in advance to see when we have a slot we can guarantee for you.

How fast can we fix it?

Did you know that's a million dollar question?

Hope you don't mind a free answer.


  2. SPEED.


Since you can only have two out of the three, which two do you want us to focus on as the 3rd becomes sacrificed?

When your requesting a price quote, be sure to tell us whether you want PREMIUM, NORMAL or LOW COST SLOW. We will base your price estimate accordingly. Below are the details of each to help you choose.

Lowest cost repair work done slowly.

If the absolute lowest price is your priority un-negotiable, we can accommodate you. But you loose speed which means your vehicle waits until we have a slow day to fill and then we fit it in. It might be days or a week or two.

Very fast repair work at premium prices. 

If you must have the car back fixed right and absolutely soon as possible, we can deliver immediate service for a premium price. Depending upon parts availability, 1-2 day service is the norm.

Normal speed with normal prices.

And we have normal service at normal rates. What this means is that your auto is fixed in the order it came it. If there are 4 cars ahead of you when you brought yours in, then when the 4th car is fixed we will begin on yours.


Our different mechanics have different assignments.


One mechanic does only normal rate work and works on the autos in the order they came in. No faster, no slower. No more expensive, no less expensive, day after day. With our normal prices we cant pay the mechanics overtime to work late. So sometimes our backlog grows and sometimes it gets smaller. But usually there is some sort of waiting list although its size can change from week to week.


Then we have the variable service mechanic. He does the premium expensive fast work immediately with no waiting. Half the time we can have it back out the same day when parts are readily available (which we cant always promise you). Since you are paying more for this service, we can afford to pay the fixer up man overtime so usually he is willing to work late and get it fixed real fast for you.


But we don't have a steady daily supply of premium rush work every day of the week. So when we run out of premium rush work, then he goes to the list of low cost slow work and knocks that out until more rush work comes in.  

So the lowest cost repair work waits until it can be fit in and fill the gaps of the premium work. But even the lowest cost work gets done with the same quality as the premium work. (we also have another way of saving you money)


Quality. No matter what you pay, you will get the same highest quality we are able to perform. That is what we will NOT negotiate upon.

Simply put there is no bargain when your getting trash work or half assed fixes that wont last.

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Feel free to ask any questions you may have,
call me, my phone # is (386) 985-2044. My name is Jud.
It is my pleasure to give you the information you want and need to make a happy informed car/truck repair decision.

Making happy customers at our location since January 1999.
Owner: Jud Nichols.
Advanced Automotive Repair‎
4470 U.S. 17
DeLand, FL 32720
Volusia County
(386) 985-2044

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