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Advanced Automotive Repair
‎4470 U.S. 17, DeLand, FL 32720   
(386) 985-2044

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Wanna see a clutch job on a 2 wheel drive pickup truck, Ford F250 with the power stroke diesel. Click here.

We don't want to overwhelm you with our massive history of Pickups we have repaired successfully, so here are just a few that we have done.

This poor guy searched all over Deland to find a shop that would replace the heads on his 7.3 liter Powerstroke turbo diesel. Deland's other repair shops turned him down and recommended to him to bring his beloved truck to us. See Ford made the engine compartment too small on this model. The 8" bolts that hold the head down on the engine could not come out all the way because they were hitting the firewall. Therefore the head could not come off.

With our extensive knowledge of trucks and extra vehicle lifts that we have, it was just a matter of lifting the cab high enough off the truck to create  the room needed for working within to accomplish the repair.

Now that's a diesel engine that's easy to get to for rebuilding.

No wonder we rebuild and repair diesel engines here in Deland fl nearly week.

If we hadn't elevated the whole cab, do you know how tall that trucks fenders are to lean over all day standing on a step ladder and then reaching all the way across the engine?

Now when its easy to get to all the diesel engine parts, its easy to fix it right here in Deland Fl. Now there is NO motivation to take shortcuts and its fun fixing it right.

After 350,000 miles, this diesel engine was ready to have some repairs inject new life into it. The truck was in such good shape, it was well worth it to the owner to have a like new truck again for just a few grand.

The turbo charger on the bench being analyzed  and gone over to determining whether it was good to go, or needed beefing up before being replaced.

That is one huge powerstroke diesel engine in a pickup truck. This thing is a powerhouse.

Now its fixed. We take it outside and park in on clean concrete for the leak test. We let it run for a few hours and watch underneath to see if we missed tightening up some connection. On clean concrete we can easily spot any leaks.

If there's leaks we find it and tighten up what ever was left loose so it stops leaking. When we are sure there is no leaks, we then put the front bumper and other stuff back on and call the customer to come get it. We are good at making our customers happy.

Rarely do we forget to tighten something up. But hey, we are human. However we never forget to do the leak test before sending the diesel truck or other auto out the door.

We have quite a reputation among pickup truck owners as the place for repairs in Deland Fl. The pickiest truck owners bring their babies to us for our special loving care.

The commercial companies that use their trucks for a living and cant afford to be without them, also seem to prefer us to repair their fleet trucks as compared to the competition.

You see, on a work truck the down time with no income can actually cost more than the repair. So they want their work truck back fast so they can put it back to work and get to earning income with it again. We do what we say we will do and to business owners that just keeps bringing them back to us over and over. They love dependability.

The other thing that makes a big impression on a business owner getting their fleet commercial truck repaired in Deland Fl, is that when its fixed, its fixed right. They never have to bring it back to finally get it done right. See, most business owners own many trucks and they have tried most all the other shops in town and they know why they prefer us compared to the competition. We do a lot of commercial fleet, work truck repairs here in Deland Fl.

BELOW: An old 1986 F150 getting some sweet loving care to keep her running even longer.

BELOW: A small foreign pickup truck getting a new turbo charger as the rest of the motor was good still. Now it has lots of power again as the day it was brand new 13 years ago.

Finally, just some minor easy routine maintenance. Sometimes its nice when a vehicle comes in and it only needs a band aid.

But if everything was too easy, we would die of boredom. Yah we like the easy fixes once in a while to spice things up, but we need and thrive on the major challenging rebuilds the other shops refuse because its too much for them. That gets our blood pumping.

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Feel free to ask any questions you may have,
call me, my phone # is (386) 985-2044. My name is Jud.
It is my pleasure to give you the information you want and need to make a happy informed car/truck repair decision.

Making happy customers at our location since January 1999.
Owner: Jud Nichols.
Advanced Automotive Repair‎
4470 U.S. 17
DeLand, FL 32720
Volusia County
(386) 985-2044

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