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Advanced Automotive Repair
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Be sure to check out our Nationwide Warranty we can supply through NAPA AutoCare Center which we are a member of.

But for everything else our policy is below.  

For starters and alternators only.

On new starters and alternators lifetime on parts and 1 year on labor from suppliers of our choice.

For our other repairs.

Standard 1 year parts and labor on new parts and some items such as remanufactured starters and alternators, 3yr parts and one year labor from suppliers of our choice.

Low cost used parts.

Warranty 90 days parts and labor on used parts that we source (find) for you from suppliers of our choice.

 Parts you supply us with.

For the purposes of consistent quality, we buy from only certain reputable suppliers that have a history of supplying good parts. But they are not always the lowest cost suppliers in every situation. You can find your own parts supplier and maybe buy the parts directly yourself and save yourself some money. Sometimes the savings is very significant. Sometimes not. Its really dependant upon you.

We will install the parts you purchase yourself and give to us to install. But any warranty on a part you supply to us to install, is between you and your parts seller. We are NOT involved in warranties for parts you supply to us. That is all on you.

While you may be able to save some money in some situations by buying the parts directly yourself, if that part fails prematurely, we do NOT remove it for free so you can send it back for a refund or replacement. Neither will we reinstall a replaced part for free.

EXAMPLE: You find a great price on a AC compressor and you buy it and give it to us to install. The supplier you bought the AC compressor from gives you a 2 year warranty. 17 days after we install that compressor for you it fails. Its covered under warranty between you and your supplier.

They agree to give you a purchase refund or a replacement part upon you sending them the bad compressor back to them. So now that bad compressor must come back off  your car. We will charge you the labor it takes to remove that compressor. If/when your supplier sends you a new replacement part, we will again charge you the labor to reinstall the replaced part.

So while there is some room for you to save additional money by supplying parts from your suppliers instead of our suppliers, you will inherit the extra risk that would come along with a part failure.

Most parts don't fail within the warranty period so often supplying your own parts to us can save you money. But just so as you know, in the unlikely event a part fails that you supplied to us, you will pay all the labor charges associated with removing and replacing the failed part.

If we install parts upon your vehicle from suppliers who we trust and source ourselves, we will supply warranty replacement labor if the part fails prematurely.  

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Feel free to ask any questions you may have,
call me, my phone # is (386) 985-2044. My name is Jud.
It is my pleasure to give you the information you want and need to make a happy informed car/truck repair decision.

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Owner: Jud Nichols.
Advanced Automotive Repair‎
4470 U.S. 17
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