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Advanced Automotive Repair
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Everybody wants to save money, but how much trouble are you willing to go through to save money is the question of today?

For some people they want convenience and speed of repair and saving a few bucks isn't worth the headache to them.

But for other people with a very limited non negotiable budget they cant exceed because they cant spend what they don't have, low cost can be everything even if that is not what they like.

If you must find a way to save money on your repair costs, we propose to you the following option although we readily admit its not for everyone.

You purchase the parts that we install for you.

We buy parts from certain suppliers and not others for the following reasons.

  1. They are local and we can get the part fast (normally).

  2. They deliver the parts to us.

  3. The price is fair.

  4. They have a great track record of giving us high quality dependable parts that rarely fail.

But while those are the primary reasons we choose certain parts suppliers, that does not always mean they are the lowest cost suppliers.

Sometimes you can find the same part on the internet or another source and save some real money as compared to letting us get the part from one of our local suppliers.

If you want to do your own research and shopping we are willing to install the parts you supply to us. If you know nothing of mechanizing  and parts, this may not be the wisest road for you as you can buy the wrong parts and be quite stuck with them.

The possibility exists for you to obtain a very large headache by buying your own parts. This is dependant upon your own research skills and knowledge of parts and mechanic-ing.

Also you supplying the parts to us changes the warranty we make available to you. Don't buy any parts unit you 1st read our warranty page and see how it will possibly effect you. Make an informed decision.

While you inherit the risks associated with your own purchasing decisions, this may be a way to save you significant money.

We have one repeat customer who is an ex-mechanic and currently makes his living working on the internet. While he no longer wants to fix his own autos, he is a research expert and buys his own parts for us to install. This guy consistently gets his parts for 2/3 less money than what we could supply them for. He cuts out many of the middlemen and buys through eBay.

The savings or headaches you acquire on the road of buying your own parts is relevant to your abilities. We make you no promises of the results you will obtain yourself since we are NOT involved in that equation.  

We will not assume the liability for your actions or your decisions. But we will help you save money by installing the parts you supply to us.

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Feel free to ask any questions you may have,
call me, my phone # is (386) 985-2044. My name is Jud.
It is my pleasure to give you the information you want and need to make a happy informed car/truck repair decision.

Making happy customers at our location since January 1999.
Owner: Jud Nichols.
Advanced Automotive Repair‎
4470 U.S. 17
DeLand, FL 32720
Volusia County
(386) 985-2044

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