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Its a shame that power window failures are becoming so common. Whereas we cant stop them, we can quickly fix them. On this car the window would not stay up so the customer taped it up and Jud is removing the tape.

Power window repair

Advanced Automotive Repair is the leading power window repair shop in Volusia County, Deland, FL. You are driving through Deland & Volusia County, FL, and you want to feel the warm spring air. But when you press the button for your power window, nothing happens—nothing at all. You push the button again. You do not hear any noise that would alert you to a broken motor. You also do not hear any humming sound that would alert you to a power window fallen off the track. The window is just stuck.

1st we make sure its not a easy inexpensive fix like a fuse or a blown relay. Your power window system might have a blown fuse, bad relay, bad window switch, or bad wiring. If your power window just moves slowly, then you may have a dragging window mechanism, or there could be an issue with the window motor.

Once we know what its not, then we begin hunting deeper. Now its time to pull out the computer diagnostic machine and begin deep communications with the cars computer. (check out our full page of Deland car computer diagnostic information)

Plugging our computer diagnostic machine into the cars computer.

Our mechanics have years of experience with wiring and the electrical aspects that coordinate processes behind the scenes of your car or truck. Diagnosing a potential problem with your power window begins with our diagnostic computer, and then a voltmeter if necessary.

Many power window issues can be diagnosed within minutes and repaired not long after that. No matter the problem plaguing your power window, our auto mechanics will get to the bottom of your power window problem and provide a quick fix to get you out the door, back on the road in Volusia County Deland FL.

Now we tell our computer what year, make and model it is going to be talking to so they both end up speaking the same language. Not all autos speak English so to speak.

The cars computer says as far as it can tell there is no problem with the wiring, switches or anything electrical. It says it is sending the electrical signal to the power window which is not responding.

Did you know some car computers can actually roll up or down a window? Through the diagnostic machine we told the cars computer to roll up and down the windows. And they did except for the broken one. But the cars computer is able to bypass the window switch on the door.

So if a switch was bad, activating the switch would not make any results. HOWEVER when a switch is bad and yet the cars computer can still roll the window up or down, then we know its the switch and not the window moving mechanisms.

In this case the computer said the electric current was getting to the window motor, but we still had no results. Now it justifies looking deeper and taking the door apart.

It takes a professional to take the power window door apart without breaking anything else as all the connections are hidden these days.

But when your a highly trained professional power window repair technician, its easy to affordably fix the broke electric windows on any car or truck.

Troubleshooting and inspecting with a trained mechanic is the only way to go as there are so many hidden variables in today's modern automated vehicles.

Just drive right in to our facility for a quick power window inspection and repair service. We promise to have you out in no time at all.

All power window makeup's are fairly similar. All power windows have a regulator, motor, and switch. The mechanical makeup is simple, but diagnosing issues alone can sometimes be difficult, especially if you drive a newer model of car or truck where a computer system is involved with rolling down—and rolling up—your power window.

In most cases, if your power window has malfunctioned, there could be one of three problems or failures plaguing your power window. There might be a failed switch or power connection. There may be a dead motor, broken regulator or actuator. There might even be a mechanical blockage or misalignment of the window track.

In this case the electric power window regulator was bad and needed replacing. That's what it looks like below.

The electric power window regulator and motor are hidden deep within the door panels.

We pull out the broken electric window motor and put in the good one. Then its quick to put the door back together.

Whether you have a problem with the driver side power window or the passenger side power window, the front or rear,  just drive right in to our convenient repair auto repair shop in Volusia County Deland FL for a power window inspection and repair service. Our trained mechanics have been servicing the auto needs of power window systems in Volusia County Deland FL, for years.

We pride ourselves on maintaining quality customer service and good relationships with parts manufacturers in order to offer you affordable power window replacements when you need them the most. Schedule an appointment for a power window repair or inspection today to save you a potential issue down the road, or call our facility for quick power window quote for your car or truck.

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Advanced Automotive Repair‎
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